What -

Learning the Mind is a curriculum of self-discovery, rooted in mindfulness and the internal martial art of Tai Chi, that helps kids and their families thrive.

Where -

We currently serve a community of families in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, with lessons, classes, and outreach events.


Who -

Hi, I'm Mackenzie Hawkins.  I'm a writer and Tai Chi teacher. Every day, I get to work with the best students at Princeton University and at the Wuwei Princeton Academy (for SuperKids!). My teacher is Master Wonchull Park, founder of the Wuwei Tai Chi School and board member of the International Society of Chen Taijiquan.


For the past four years, Master Park and I have worked together so that Master Park's teachings can continue to help more and more people. Learning the Mind is our outreach to children and families. (How much I wish that I could have learned these simple, powerful insights and practices when I was young!)

Why -

Learning the Mind bridges "East and West" by combining the practicality of contemplative practices, which can reveal our full potential, with the rationality of simple, scientific reasoning.

This powerful synthesis is due to the way my teacher, Master Wonchull Park, combines the traditional practices of the internal martial arts with a rigorous depth and clarity of explanations, including elements from his background as a physicist.

Master Park always says, "Start with simple things first!" Simple, general insights into the way things work can guide us toward more effective actions in body and mind. The result can be te, or virtue in action, that can seem quite extraordinary but is the natural result of being more in sync with the way (or tao) that things actually happen. Learn more with our "Back to Basics" guide >>


"Tai Chi can calm you down. When you are sad to happy. And there is a lot of Tai Chi. It can make you a Tai Chi warrior."

- SuperKid Tai Chi Student (age 6)


How -

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step:

  • For families living in Princeton, New Jersey, participate in a free Tai Chi Cubs class.

  • Contact Mackenzie at jmhawkin@alumni. princeton.edu with any questions!